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If You're Out On a Dancefloor Lost and You Forgot the Universe's Name (Sit Down and Send Love Through Sweatshop Walls)
with Kim Zombik
(1:46, 1.6MB)
Sending Dance to Folks Who are Locked Up
(With Wendell Rheinheimer)
(1:44, 1.6MB)
If You Are a Basket Case, Join the Club (We're Not Bowled Over By Much Every Other Second)
(1:10, 1MB)
Circle the Bowl Til You Get High
(1:56, 1.7MB)
Everything Is Loving Us When We're Not Looking
(3:40, 3.3MB)
with Betsy Grace
They're Aliens and I'm in Love With One of Them
(Live with Max Cohen)
(3:37, 3.3MB)
If You Are Sitting in Fruit Jars and Waiting to be Put on Strangers Bread, Wave to Us, We're Sitting in Some Shoe Boxes Waiting for the Sun
with Astrid Anderson
(0:43, 690KB)
Whatever You Need to be Holding In
With Wendell Rheinheimer
(1:11, 1.1MB)
If You Can't Stop Smelling Cigarettes Long After You Let Go
(0:41, 643KB)
Breathing in Everyone Else
(613KB, 39 sec)
One of These Days You Are Going to be an Orange
(with Betsy Grace)
(1:41, 1.5MB)
Celtic Sweetieheads
(0:26, 424KB)
If You Think You'd Like To Kill Today Maybe You Should Stay Home
(If You're Not Sure, We Could Write You a Note)
(2:51, 1.9MB)
Everything You're Hoping to Get Near
(Everything that Makes You Spin Around Is Giving You a Way To Love and Letting You Inside the Warmth of All Your Fears)
(0:35, 708KB)
Singing in the Ocean with Friends
(1:39, 2.6MB)
When You AreAfraid to Love the World Out Loud, Send Some Extra Love to Tibet
(59 sec, 1.1MB)
Chanting Planets
(1:08, 1.3MB)
If You Love Touching Your Belly
(3:40, 4.2MB)
How Can Animals Think They Are Not Worthy?
(48 sec, 960KB)
Heaven in Space Shuttle
(0:50, 996KB)
Piano Inside a Gun (Depleted Uranium)
(1:31, 1.7MB)
Falling Home Forever
(2:41, 3.0MB)
We're Not Dead Again Until You Touch Us
(1:10, 1.3MB)
You Wanted to be a Cello (You Lit Up Like Some Sweet Sun Visor)
(2:08, 2.4MB)
Rumi and Kabir Spinning Rilke
(0:56, 1.0MB)
Skipping Mandolins Waving
(0:34, 708KB)
Our Body Parts Are Falling Off (with Sara Gately and Dave Funk)
(1:15, 1.4MB)
Making Love On Washing Machines
(0:30, 592KB)
If You Think You're Not a Tree, We Still Love You
(1:01, 1.1MB)
The World Would Like To Kiss you Back Even if You're Acting Like Danny Kaye
(0:52, 1.0MB)
If You Are Sitting in Fruit Jars, Wave To Us Acoustic with Rachel Silverman, Sara Gately and Wendell
(0:51, 1.0KB)